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FLOW is the new follow — No likes, no follow, no ads. Focus on your Vision and let the Magic operate.

Reasearch → Social creativity → Dignified data ⏎

We BELIEVE in fostering an inclusive and Open passion economy where Emerging creative talents Focus on their VISION through a peer-curated Feedback LOOP of content, ideas and Data, while automatied transactions happen in the background.

Newlife is a Cultural Research and Social Creativity PLATFORM for Design studios, Artists, Retailers, Galleries, Magazines and Brands at the forefront of culture in over 107 countries to research, coolhunt and hire emerging talents.

“a metaverse of new possibilities for young creatives to collaborate with others across the world”

“groundbreaking app. a community that is both self-sufficient and self-serving”

“the up-and-coming creatives with the potential to shift the cultural narrative for years to come”

“a social media site without likes or followers, where creative content is rewarded”

touch+HOLD your screen based on the intensity of your Appreciation.

DeepTouch™ is a new responsive gesture that connects creators through a continuous FLOW of art, design, and Culture. Forget about ‘following’ — Touch+HOLD your screen intuitively to magnetize who and what you love into an AI-customised feed.

Contribute to the widest dataset on contemporary culture aiming at accelerating the spread of new aesthetics and reducing design-related waste.

Accelerating creative networking
Creativity thrives within NETWORKS: take advantage of the networking fast track to organically encounter fellow talents with the Near you, Video chat, Comments, and Private Messaging features.

Meet with relevant creators, curators and artists near you.
Filter your network in real-time by mood, location and skills.
Stumble upon algorithmically matched profiles on live video chat.

FLOW—better than ‘follow’.
Cultivate your creative bandwidth with the Newlife psychotechnology and expand your artistic and curatorial MOOD, forming new neuronal circuits while you FLOW.

Enter an iterative feedback loop combining inspiration, experiential learning and cultivation. Take this as a bicycle for your brain, accelerating your creativity.

When the Nu’vi machine learning algorithm networks you into relevant moods (clusters of influence), your personal tastes today become the trends of tomorrow.

Earn the VALUE you create By producing and Responding to content through the APP, your interactions Garner real-World value through FAIR and transparent algorithms.

You can monetise your taste data anonymously and help solve redundancy and waste throughout the creative industry, contributing to more agile systems globally.

Understand the value of your data, learn about dignified data with Jaron Lanier on the New York Times.

We started the CONSTRUCTION, but it takes a Village and we invite you to take Ownership of the Platform and EXPAND the vision.

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